Thanks to former VCE student. Dussy K, for sharing her VCE French, VCE English and VCE Literature notes with our community. If you want to share your resources with the VCE help community check out the guidelines here.

French Detailed Study.

Cette année, pour notre étude approfondie, nous avons étudié la deuxième guerre mondiale pendant l’occupation Allemande en France. Cela a été très enrichissent car les documents nous ont donne un aperçu de cette époque qui a été terrible pour les Français et surtout les Juifs. D’abord, nous avons regardé un film touchant intitule <<Au Revoir ...

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I recently completed VCE in 2009, receiving a raw study score of 50 for Japanese, the subject of this article. Here's a list of 10 tips that I hope will be useful in your endeavours in Japanese SL. Some of these tips and techniques may not work for you, everybody is different, but I hope you can gain something from them.

1. Be exposed to Japanese as much as possible.

If the only exposure you have to Japanese is during class, with a non-native teacher who just teaches from the textbook, you aren’t likely to be learning very much. It is key that you are exposed to as m...

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These tips have been written courtesy of Olivia Anderson for VCE Chinese - thanks Olivia. If anyone else wants to share their tips and contribute, you too can do so by going here. Cheers, Heath.

I am in year 11 doing two year 12 subjects this year-Chinese and Methods CAS. I know you are wanting more contributions, so I just thought to send in a list of 10 really important things that year 11 Chinese Sl/SLA students need to prepare for year 12, and it probably counts over many LOTEs:

1. Learn 5 new characters a week. Get them from your texts, worksheets and any other materials available. It will save you about 15 minutes on the exams if you know how to write things properly, rather than looking...

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Don’t know where to start with VCE French or other languages? Struggling to balance your listening comprehension with reading comprehension practice as well as essay writing? Well, don’t worry. I had the same problem with VCE French last year…before I got organized that is. Here is how to get through it all without compromising study time for your other subjects but still being thorough.

What I found worked well for me was to complete my vocab work and essay writing after school, reading comprehension in class and any extra reading or problems from class go over at home - leave listening comprehension until bed time. Furthermore, it’s really good practice to have gene...

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