The annual design exhibition of works from former VCE and VET students is now on at the Melbourne Museum and will run until 26th June 2011.

According to the Melbourne Museum website:

The exhibition not only features the final product, but also its development – see the students' folios, work briefs, production plans, client feedback and evaluation, storyboards, scripts and design plans.
Top Designs 2011 includes furniture, fashion, graphic and product design, film, print layout, photography, animation, food product planning, websites and mechanical and electronic projects So if you are studying VCE or VET media or arts check out this wonderful exhibition of exemplary student work.

Hi all, Congrats. You should have finished the VCE Food and Technology exam for 2012.

What did you think of the paper? What was hard? What was easy? How do you think you went?

Let us know your thoughts and comments below (please keep them clean!)…cheers

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