If you ask 10 different people what they think "success" is you're bound to get 10 different responses. Some people would say having enough money to pay the mortgage, others would say being healthy or happy, another may say making a sporting team. Success is different to every single person and is very much dependant upon what your goals or vision/mission are.

I bet though if you ask 10 different VCE students they would probably all have the same similarly themed response regarding a particular grade, a high mark or even an enter score. Is this the case in your life as a VCE student? An interesting observation I have made while speaking at over 50 VCE student workshops over the last few years...

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I love sport. Not only as a participant but as a spectator. I have played sport at a reasonably competitive level and in doing so it has taught me a large number of lessons about life.

In watching sections of the 2010 Winter Olympics I have been reminded about these lessons and I have again drawn inspiration from not only the successful athletes but those that have achieved their best despite serious adverse conditions. (If you've ever watched the movie "Cool Runnings" you'll know what I mean).

I wanted to congratulate all our Olympians who have been participated at these Winter Olympics, and of the past. There are several YouTube videos here for you to watch and draw inspiration from. If you ...

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Motivation is an oft-discussed subject, particularly with regards to whether or not it is something that can be "taught". Some people believe that motivation is something that can be "caught" like a virus, whilst others (myself included) believe that motivation is something that has to have start from within, and for personal reasons.

What is seldom discussed with regards to motivation is those obstacles that get in the way of feeling truly passionate and directed in your life pursuits. The following are five motivation "killers" they truly douse the fire of goal getting in your life-and ways to avoid their consequences.

Motivation Killer #1: Vagueness

Have you ever gotten into a car without kn...

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VCE has started and you are taking the first great steps towards achieving your VCE goals. It is an exciting and equally daunting time for students, parents and teachers but the information overload really hurts...particularly when you are coming off of a 6-8 week holiday! Smile

So, without wanting to add to your workload, I just wanted to quickly point out a couple of useful resources to help you get off to the best possible start to your VCE.

1. I found this AGE article the other day which helps to dispel some of the myths and misnomers about the VCE, including scaling and ENTER scores. Definitely worth the read:

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I found this AGE article the other day which helps to dispel some of the myths and misnomers about the VCE, including scaling and ENTER scores. Definitely worth the read:

I've had many emails and questions from students asking the question " how do I prepare for my VCE? " so I decided to create a 16 minute video on the topic. Please leave your questions and comments below.



We finally made it - holidays are upon us and we are free (at least for a little while anyway).

The notion of doing (or even receiving) holiday homework is particularly new for most Year 11 students and probably for some Year 12 students. I've heard the VCE holidays being called "study vacations", "school holiday", "study break" etc...but how do you go about actually tackling it and completing it with the minimum of fuss and stress.

I have written extensively about this topic because so many students struggle to deal effectively with the holiday period. See - VCE school holidays - don't drop the ball and the september school holiday conundrum

Let's face it, you need some R & R (rest and relaxat...

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As we speak we are saying goodbye to 2012 and welcoming the arrival of VCE 2013. Usually around New Years is a time where people have resolutions on how this year will be different than the previous year.

But did you know that 95% of people who set New Years Resolutions don't follow through?

By choosing New Years Day they are using an artificial stimulus to create change. That is, by using the calendar as their driving mechanism for change they are using an external motivating factor. There is no magical force in the universe that arrives on January 1st every year which helps people create amazing changes in their lives.

We know that the most profound stimulus for change is an intrinsic or inte...

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Many of the Year 11 students have now completed their exams and started the transition into Year 12.

As the Year 12 students amongst us have just finished their journey, perhaps you would like to share what you have learnt (or your VCE resources).

I will start it off..

What I learnt about Year 12 is that there are incredibly busy times throughout the term and very quiet periods. Knowing what was coming up was really important to keep stress levels down. I nagged my teachers for their unit outlines so I knew what was happening and when and planned accordingly.

Interested to hear your thoughts...cheers

I wrote this article a few years ago and have tweaked it each year. Leading into the holiday period is so important to get you rested and prepared for the VCE exams...this year I have decided to re-post it earlier so hopefully you get some more time to put things into practice before the holiday period...cheers, Heath
It never ceases to amaze me that VCE students, despite the goodwill and good intentions of well meaning teachers, parents and friends do not know how to prepare appropriately for this all important September school "holiday" period.

I've written about the topics of holiday homework before in what is a working school holiday and during the mid-year break when I told you not to "dr...

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