It has been a little quiet on the VCE help front this month. Rest assured March is going to go off! I have a few more people lined up to contribute more content than ever before so stay tuned. Just in case you missed it - here is what happened in Feb 2009.

Balancing priorities in the VCE - I received an email from “Joseph” who is a concerned, yet conscientious student the other day regarding the perennial dilemma of how to balance priorities in the VCE.

His email read like this:

"My question, or statement not sure is:- I’m having difficulties spreading my time out for VCE. I’m in year 12 this year doing methods, eng, bio, politics and history (my fav). I’m been wor...

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Hi all,

Starting in 2009 the VCE help website will, each month, create a summary post containing all of our best posts. This month was a little bit light on because of the holidays...we all deserve a break don't we!

Here they are, in no particular order.

New VCE year and a new opportunity As we speak we are saying goodbye to 2008 and welcoming the arrival of VCE 2009. Usually New Years Eve/Day is a time where people have resolutions on how this year will be different than the previous year. But did you know that 95% of people who set New Years Resolutions don’t follow through. By choosing New Years Day they are using an artificial stimulus to create change. That is, by using the calendar ...

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Best of June 2009

Last month had lot of interesting articles and we have many more coming in July. This page provides the last month’s snippet in case you have missed it.

Accounting Reports- Is a report which illustrates the position of the business in terms of the accounting equation (A=L+OE) at a static point in time. It provides information regarding the ’stability’ of the business. The classified version has the following characteristics…

Balance day adjustments are alterations to the businesses records that are performed on the last day of the reporting period (i.e. balance day). These are performed to correctly adjust the revenue and expense accounts to match reve...

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Hi all, I have been super busy of late with the VCE Expo and school work. The VCE psychology podcast is being uploaded as we speak and will be ready later on this evening. More people than ever before are joining the VCE help blog and I invite you to contribute. Just in case you blinked - here is what happened in April 2009.

Romulus, My Father by Raimond Gaita study notes I have listed some websites that contain resources to help you learn and summarize about the content of Romulus, My Father.

Another website which has link to the influence of the Landscape and Sensibility on the Writing of Romulus, My Father.

VCE Expo Reminder and Roadmap to VCE Exam Success This is one of the "must do" things...

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Busy, busy, busy but still productive! I still have a few more people lined up to contribute more content than ever before so stay tuned. Just in case you missed it - here is what happened in March 2009.

Shift happens - a paradigm shift for teachers I found this YouTube video the other day and was just fascinated with the statistics regarding globalization, our global community, the use of emerging technologies and the speed that information is being published and then superseded.

It also reinforced the notion in my mind that teachers are increasing becoming learning facilitators and not dispensers of information.

Unit 3 VCE biology 2009 podcast - need questions

The next podcast interview for th...

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May has gone and June has arrived...still many interesting articles and authors are in queue. Just is case you have missed the month of May articles - these snippets are for you.

The GAT - is it really a waste of time? - Here is what the GAT is, what it does, and why it is important for you to do your best...

A 3 hour general achievement test, that examines your skills and knowledge in written communication, maths and sciences as well as the humanities areas. The exam contains 70 multiple choice questions (2 hours approx) plus 2 written tasks (about 30 mins each). It is important to do as best as you can because it can act like an "insurance policy" for you and your VCE exam performance.

VCE Mi...

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