For about a year now I have been using DropBox to backup, sync and store my documents between a couple of computers and my mobile phone. It's a free service that is ideal for teachers and students to protect their documents and ensure they can access them anywhere at anytime across multiple computers and even to mobile phones.

You also have the ability to share folders and resources with others, another great way for teachers to share and pool resources easily (particularly files that are greater than a few megabytes and are too big to email).

To see what DropBox is all about check out the video below:


There is one universal element that all people have to master in their life - and that is time.

Time is the great equaliser. We each have 168 hours per week with which to use our time and some people are able to achieve an extraordinary amount in that time, others not so much. Given that we all have this finite resource doesn't it make sense to try and figure out the best way to utilise your time? I have written many articles surrounding time mastery including the 8 principles of time principles and balancing priorities in the VCE and I'm passionate about finding strategies that help me to balance work, family, friends, business and health/fitness. It's never easy but it is so important for y...

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Creating VCE study cards on your iPod or Mp3 player is eaaaaaaaaaasy. There are some companies out there who will charge you for subject specific and topic study cards, and whilst many of them are of a good standard you will learn best by creating your own. As always there are some pros and cons of using your iPod to review study cards.


Too much content is hard to read so try to stick to a 100 word limit per slide
Space used up on your iPod or Mp3 player (not significant at all - the equivalent of losing 1 song on your iPod)
Need to have Microsoft powerpoint or equivalent
May need to create/summarise content if teacher cannot provide
Obviously will need an iPod or photo enabled mobile phone...

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