The school year has come to a close and for our departing Year 12 friends we wish you the best of luck for the future. Before you decide to burn (or delete) your VCE study notes and resources please stop and think about the VCE class of 2011! You’ve created some great VCE resources, study notes and revision guides so why not help out future VCE students AND go into a draw to win some great prizes which can be used to continue the post Year 12 celebrations!

** UPDATE ** (12th Dec 2010) - Good news for all students...only a handful of submissions have been received for the competition up to this point. Share your VCE notes asap to improve your chances of winning some great prizes (details...

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Hitting the right target

Source: Melbourne Weekly Bayside
25 Jun, 2012 04:00 AM

Christian Williams didn’t qualify for the Olympics in archery.“I was nowhere near good enough, didn’t even make it to the trial,” he muses.Not that he’s too concerned.
At one point the 25-year-old Bentleigh resident wasn’t sure he’d make it to June.

At the age of 20 an abnormal resting heart rate was detected, resulting from a defect in the circuitry of his heart.

He developed heart failure and since then has been in and out of hospitals, managing to cheat death.

Wanting to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, Williams tried a number of sports, attempting to re...

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I wrote this article a few years ago and have tweaked it each year. Leading into the holiday period is so important to get you rested and prepared for the VCE exams...this year I have decided to re-post it earlier so hopefully you get some more time to put things into practice before the holiday period...cheers, Heath
It never ceases to amaze me that VCE students, despite the goodwill and good intentions of well meaning teachers, parents and friends do not know how to prepare appropriately for this all important September school "holiday" period.

I've written about the topics of holiday homework before in what is a working school holiday and during the mid-year break when I told you not to "dr...

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People have many fears which can affect their chances of ultimate VCE success including fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of what other people will think of them, and even a fear of success.

'When we fear we hesitate and when we hesitate we cause all of our worst fears to come true.' Patrick Swayze from the movie Point Break.
Fears cause us to doubt ourselves, as well as our ability to succeed, and prevents us from taking the actions necessary for our success. Remember that just as your past successes will not ensure your future success, your past failures need not be repeated unless you choose not to learn from them and change your attitudes and actions.

So take stoc...

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I found this YouTube video the other day and was just fascinated with the statistics regarding globalization, our global community, the use of emerging technologies and the speed that information is being published and then superseded. It also reinforced the notion in my mind that teachers are increasing becoming learning facilitators and not dispensers of information. That I'm sure would be a paradigm shift for most teachers but is in fact a harsh reality. Get prepared for change or move out of teaching...

What do you predict will happen in the future? What do you see happening currently in your school? Check out the video now and let me know your comments and thoughts below.

Shift Happens


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We finally made it - holidays are upon us and we are free (at least for a little while anyway).

The notion of doing (or even receiving) holiday homework is particularly new for most Year 11 students and probably for some Year 12 students. I've heard the VCE holidays being called "study vacations", "school holiday", "study break" etc...but how do you go about actually tackling it and completing it with the minimum of fuss and stress.

I have written extensively about this topic because so many students struggle to deal effectively with the holiday period. See - VCE school holidays - don't drop the ball and the september school holiday conundrum

Let's face it, you need some R & R (rest and relaxat...

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With VCE students about to go back to school it is an appropriate time for VCE students to examine (or re-examine) their goals not just for their VCE but for this year (the VCE is an important year there is no doubt, but it doesn't mean that it should be the only thing).

With goal setting it is vital to remember this one almighty and all encompassing principle...

“If the ‘why to’ is big enough ‘the how’ to will look after itself”

Why are you going to all the trouble of studying in the first place? Study can be extremely boring. It is much more fun to exercise, watch TV, hang out with our mates etc. If we don’t have a strong and compelling personal reaso...

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Today is the day we look forward to the future and the year 2013. This time of year is particularly difficult because the SAC's are piling up and the end of year VCE exams are coming into sharp focus...but it also a great time to draw strength and greater motivation for what you want to do after your VCE.

Will next year bring university, an apprenticeship or employment?

Whatever the future holds for you, this article is not meant to freak you out but help you get more focused for exams and also start to get the ball rolling for 2013. This process should not be done alone. You'll want to talk to your careers counselor at school, other teachers, parents and even visit the VTAC website for mor...

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I am excited. I love the Olympic Games for a number of reasons. Firstly, as I was formerly involved with the preparation of some of Australia’s best swimmers I am looking on with a personal understanding of the effort and commitment that has gone into their preparation to achieve their personal goals.

Secondly as always I will be looking to see stories of courage, personal triumph, sportsmanship and peace on a world scale. During the next month you are possibly going to find yourself challenged by the distractions of the Olympics Games.

How are you going to juggle the requirements of completing your schooling, your studies as well as witnessing the sporting and human dramas which are t...

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I know many of you are almost at the stage of completing your exams. If you have finished CONGRATULATIONS, if not, hang in there, there is not long to go.

As you know, the VCE Help community exists to support you, your friends and family through the tumultuous and challenging VCE. One of the main reasons this website was created was to help level the playing field in the VCE. That no matter your school, geographic location, access to resources or otherwise you could get some help to get you through.

If you have felt that this website and the resources within it have been of benefit can I ask you to consider one of 3 things.

1. Please write a comment below how we have been of help (it would be m...

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